Customs Brokerage

Engaging a customs broker is the first step when entering the world of international trading and shipping. Working with a well-versed and informed customs broker allows your company to sail through customs clearance and navigate government agency red tape with ease. Green Manalishi offers some of the most experienced customs brokers in the industry as well as valuable services to address all of your international shipping needs. While focused on costs, risks and regulations, we also prioritize classification and compliance to make sure your global services run smoothly and efficiently. When you let a Green Manalishi customs broker tie up loose ends, you don't have to worry about things falling apart.

Our goal is to understand your business so we can effectively provide you the customs clearance services you need. Give us a call at 844.332.5535 to learn more about our customs brokerage and the services we offer.

Relax... An Expert Customs Broker is Just a Phone Call Away