International Trade Compliance & Consulting

International trade compliance consulting and classification through Green Manalishi will ensure your company and freight are always compliant with confusing customs rules and regulations. Import/export compliance is clouded by several different governing bodies covering all Customs Compliance and International Trade Compliance issues. We can help you wade through all the regulations and give you the information you need to sustain a robust customs compliance program. What are your product(s) made of? Where are they coming from? This important information is necessary for proper classification of goods. Classification of goods is key because it determines the duties you pay. Green Manalishi always strives to find the lowest price for you. Our associates know how to navigate International Trade Compliance so relax, and let us help you.


The customs entry process can be overwhelming if not prepared correctly. Let Green Manalishi put you at the top of your game with a full import compliance review. Our team of associates can provide you with guidance on classification of goods, critical import compliance rules and regulations, plus more to cover all aspects of your import shipping.

Using proper classification on imports ensures that you are fully compliant with all laws and regulations. In addition, it ensures that you are paying the proper amount of duties and taking advantage of any available Tariff Reduction Trade Programs. We are always up to date on the latest changes and certifications required to import as well as necessary forms. From start to post entry, Green Manalishi has you covered.


Are you aware of the latest changes within the EAR and/or the 22 CFR? Did you check the most recent denied parties list? Have you checked the import regulations for your foreign consignee or any special documents or regulations in the destination country?

If Green Manalishi made the booking, no worries, we did!

Do you understand the term USPPI? Does the product you are shipping require an ECCN? If so, you may require an export license. All items being exported need to be properly classified as well to determine if an ECCN (Export Control Classification Number) and/or licensing is required.

Exporting from the U.S. can feel like jumping through one export compliance hurdle after another. Green Manalishi's experienced team will make your export compliance process a breeze.

Let us review your product(s) and supply chain so we can provide you with quality feedback to help you navigate International Trade Compliance.

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